Providing strategic, financial and operational support for FinTechs

Providing Strategic, Finance and Operational Support for FinTechs


We improve Time-to-Market, mitigate Risk and reduce Cost

complex payment world

A complex FinTech world.
Real life executive experience: 

  • Point of sale and mobile payment technology

  • POS and card-not-present acquiring/processing

  • Acquirer – Processor – PayFac – ISO – VAR – ISV

  • Underwriting, merchant onboarding, fraud in payment

We understand the economics of the industry and have an extensive network that can be engaged

Merchant Life Cycle.
Treat your customer right – and yourself:

  • Merchant identification and sales process

  • The first 90 days of processing: Volume, risk, profitability

  • Chargebacks and disputes

We value your customers but also your money



Inefficient processes across the organization - posing risk, costing money, wasting opportunity:

  • Complex systems/tools that do not communicate or share efficiently

  • Company-wide processes that are not coordinated

  • Back office (pricing, underwriting, legal) or customer facing (onboarding, ongoing support, account management)

We reduce risk and cost and improve time-to-market

Big Data. Hurdles to overcome and realizing its value:

  • Often siloed in different systems (CRM, ERP, BI…); useless or expensive to mine

  • Structured and/or unstructured (i.e. from social media)

  • Lack of resources to collect/standardize/query/report/analyze

  • If you introduce third party/augmented data, can you enhance the value of your BD?

  • Once BD works: generating… internal efficiencies, customer stickiness, monetization opportunity!

We design a robust platform and add third party data to provide maximum value of BD

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Client & Peer Reviews


Philip Jansen

CEO Worldpay Group Plc.

“Michael, as you know Worldpay entered the London Stock Exchange... I wanted to thank you personally for all your effort you have put into the IPO process… Coping with so many London-driven timelines can’t have been easy but you have been a consistent and vital contributor to the process. Many thanks for all your hard work.”


Thierry Denis

CEO Ingenico N.A.

“I worked with Michael for several years and relied on his financial and operational expertise at a turning point in the company’s history. He can focus on important detailed processes while keeping the big picture and the company strategic goals in mind. His contribution and insight were critical to our company’s success.”


Mark Pearson

Principal IT Architect at First Data

“Michael’s deep understanding of business operations and finance gives him the ability to quickly compare actual to desired state and define a strategy to close the gap. He is very effective in motivating his peers and colleagues by introducing alternative analytics and data to set the proper stage for efficient operations and overall improved business performance.”


Robert Skiba

Chairman of THE INNOVATIVE PAYMENTS Association and EVP InComm

“Michael Wasserfuhr is an outstanding finance professional and business leader. Michael and I had the opportunity to work on multiple assignments and initiatives, as members of the American Transaction Processing Coalition (ATPC). He was the consummate financial professional and subject matter expert of the Payments Industry. Michael would be an outstanding addition to any firm or assignment!”


Don Campbell

President RightCourse LLC

“Michael has a rich finance and operations background. He is insightful, flexible and a “let’s get this done” professional. He has excellent strategy and planning skills and focuses on the now and the future. He focuses on streamlining operations and looks for new opportunities to generate revenue. He is also a leader in embracing data analytics and big data in the payments industry.”