The MWBT Approach

Agile, flexible, responsive: Putting client in the driver seat


The approach to each client and their problems will be adapted to the specific needs, but a typical project would comprise three phases. MWBT will transfer know how during each phase. Client is in control and can decide whether to internalize the process or to keep involving MWBT in subsequent phases. This provides maximum flexibility and minimum risk for the client.

Phase 1: Analysis 

  • Analysis and documentation of the existing process 

  • Detailed description of process deficiencies and their impact on the output

  • Suggestion of action items to eliminate/overcome the deficiencies

Phase 2: Design and Implementation

  • Adjust or completely redesign the process

  • Document and standardize; turn process into policy

  • Define KPIs to measure success/efficiency of process and engaged resources 

Phase 3: Automation and Reporting

  • Automate and secure process with suitable tools with embedded reminders, authorization levels, escalation policy etc.

  • Produce reliable and preferably automated reports for KPIs


Fresh and Broad Perspective 


Born and educated in Germany (MBA, PhD), Michael brings an European perspective with the German love for organization and efficiency. Since 2000, he had the opportunity to serve as CFO in US based subsidiaries with German, French, and British parent companies where his geographical responsibility included LatAm (subsidiaries in Brazil, Mexico), Canada and Ireland. Michael worked for private, PE-backed and public companies and understands these nuances of ownership.




We have a proven track record and executive experience in these areas:

  • Strategic: co-managed companies in growth mode (revenue CAGR > 40%) and contracting mode (revenue loss of 75% over 18 months)

  • Financial: cash generation (collections, inventory liquidation, RIFs), balance sheet optimization (maturity, currency), forex and interest rate hedging

  • Operational: analysis – standardization – automation; workflow optimization/lean administration (procurement, target/post M&A integrations), Software pipeline (NRE vs. Roadmap vs. maintenance)

  • Sales support: Providing ‘talking points’ to address Senior Executives and Boards of potential customers, analytics-driven sales performance management (lead/opportunity conversion by vertical and sales representative), direct involvement with customers and partners, negotiating terms and conditions (SLAs, data rights, limitation of liability etc.)




Active involvement in the payment industry in Atlanta and beyond


Hans Zobel

outside Board Member, Putzmeister America

“I was serving on the outside advisory board of Putzmeister America, due to that I met Michael on many occasions. Michael impressed me with his hands-on approach and his deep business-knowledge/ experience beyond the typical CFO responsibility. He had a thorough understanding of the competitive challenges and at the same time the internal operations of the company. This enabled him to play a crucial and leading role in the adjustments/down-sizing process of the company. He always got to the core of the issues and came up with viable alternatives and new ideas/opportunities. I liked working with him and I am absolutely confident that he will perform "excellent" in his new assignment.”